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21 October
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Mission Survive: Clean Water Experiment

To round off our Mission Survive topic, this week the children in year 5 were presented with the problem of how to get clean water if they were stranded on a uninhabited island! We used the TASC wheel to help us decide how we could apply our Science knowledge to separate the materials in the following mixture:

dirty water

A lovely mixture of salty water, soil, sand, sticks and gravel!

Then we used these resources to help us with our mission: a fishing net, a sieve, some filter paper and a jug. We found that we were able to use the fishing net and sieve to separate the sticks and gravel from the mixture, leaving us with just the salt water solution. (We already knew  that the solute, salt, had dissolved in the solvent, the water, to create a solution.)

IMG_6209 IMG_6207 resources IMG_6215


Using the tea light burners, we were able to evaporate the water (turning it from a liquid into a gas) in order to separate it from the salt.

tea light burner

Can you see the salt that has been left behind?

Finally, we discussed the need – in a survival situation – to have collected the water that had evaporated. Can you work out how we could do this? That’s right… we would need to make the steam condensate on a cold surface in order to return it to its original state (a liquid).


What a lot of Science we learnt through completing our mission! (And what a lot of fun we had learning it all!)

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