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29 August

Home Learning Part 2

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all been enjoying the holidays as much as I have!

Well done to everyone who engaged with the previous activity; many of you chose to email me your entries and you can do the same for this task if you like.

For this task, to once again keep our minds sharp, you have the challenge of writing a setting description about the picture I have attached. The challenge is to do this in no more than 250 words; you can write it in less than this but it can not be any longer so you have to choose your words wisely!
Remember, figurative language (personification, similes and metaphors to name a few) will really help to set the scene for your reader so try to weave some creative examples into your writing. If you want to write in the first person, you can do so.

I look forward to reading your writing.

Miss Thomas


5 Responses to “Home Learning Part 2”

  1. lsa1 says:

    Comment by BA

    Everything was silent, nothing could be heard except the crackling sound of my feet crunching in the snow. The trees around me looked like dead bushes in an icy desert. Behind the dazzling streetlights, reflecting brightly on the vast carpet of crystals, I could just make out a children’s playground. The roundabout was spinning eerily in the growing, howling wind and the swings appeared to be fighting to break free from their chains in the swirling blizzard. Sounds of laughter were a distant memory. Squinting up at the sky, it looked like huge lumps of sugar falling down like the whole world was a cake. I was blinded by the speckles of white icing. My face felt numb, like my head was in a gigantic freezer, my fingers and toes were stiff and my skeleton felt like all my bones had frozen! I couldn’t wait to get home to my cosy fire and feel as warm as toast again; summer seemed a long time ago!

  2. S.G says:

    The snowflakes descended from the vicious clouds and
    scattered onto the floor . The trees shook in the wind while the
    benches were being layered with snow.I took shelter under a near
    by tree. Footprints marked the snow but were covered quickly. Unlike most people, I love the snow ! that second I got up and ventured to the park the snow was like icing sugar being sieved onto
    my head. When I arrived at the park I noticed my family playing there
    I went to join in and we all made snow angels and had a snowball fight.

  3. lhmonkeys says:

    I was walking through the cold and snowy street. It was freezing. The street lamps were glowing as brightly as a solar eclipse. The street was abandoned and It felt desolate. The benches had no people sitting on them, they were just the same old empty seats. Some of the lights were flickering, as if they were saying things to each other, but it didn’t seem suspicious. All the fences were rusty and old. The trees were very colossal and the icicles on the ends stuck out at me. The icicles stuck out so much that they were nearly touching me! There were footprints in the snow from where I had been walking, and maybe from where other people had been walking days before me. The sky was pitch black, so I couldn’t see any clouds, but the only thing that I could see in the sky were shining stars.
    Story by AH

  4. lhmonkeys says:

    Story by LH
    I looked up at the night sky as I walked through this frigid winter chill, my feet engraving footprints in the blanket of snow. Snow fell from the stars as if they were dissolving into scant snowflakes. When I was walking through the woods, it was as if the moonlight was leading the way. My winter clothes hugged me as if they were protecting me from a horrid fever. The trees shot out at me with their icicle covered twigs. But then I could believe what I was seeing, a snowman waving at me with his branch arms. Or was it just my imagination and the wind tricking me? Besides, I couldn’t stand there staring forever. When I got back to my log cabin, I kicked off my boots and relaxed in my armchair with a hot chocolate by the fire. I guess the legend of the snowman shall live on another day….

  5. dc07 says:

    I was walking through the dangerously cold street, there was no one I wasn’t surprised it was the coldest night there had ever been in the village of woodland. Silence was everywhere, the snow fell faster and all images came blurry The trees swayed brushing more snow onto my face. I was lost. There was nowhere to go all I could think of was home and the smell of my mum’s best fresh cookies I breathed in the air hoping to smell them. I coughed the smell was dreadful it was a damp smell. I got my hat out of my bag and slipped it on I was hoping to feel warmer but icy air made me colder than ever . I couldn’t carry on I pulled my phone out from my pocket I tried to text my mum but the screen went blank a few minutes later white letters appeared on the frozen snow written in icicles they where sharp like daggers, it said “YOUR LATE!”.

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