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07 August

Home Learning Part 1

Hello future Year 6!

We hope you are having a lovely holiday so far.
I have already finished four books and now I’m reading Lord of the Rings! How many books have you finished?

For this writing task, you have the choice: you can either write a review for a book that you have recently finished or you can write a recount of your favourite day of the holiday so far. This is a great opportunity to dust off your writing skills while sharing with the year group.
Remember, even though you are typing, you should still be writing in accurate, interesting sentences, starting your sentences in a variety of ways and trying to use a range of punctuation. Just press ‘comments’, fill in the boxes and then you are good to go!

I look forward to reading your entries,

Miss Thomas 🙂


13 Responses to “Home Learning Part 1”

  1. S.G says:

    We went to the Mitsis Laguna beach hotel in crete, it was all inclusive!
    They had themed restaurants and a buffet,it had 4 pools, one with a
    slide. I went on it about 20 times a day. Around nearly every pool was
    a refreshment bar and I just had to get their mocktails! The main pool
    had a creperie which served crepes,waffles and icecream for free !
    We stayed in a bungalow which was beautifully decorated, and on the
    other side was a theatre, where we watched shows every night. On one of the nights was the Miss Laguna 2017 and the prize was to stay in their luxury suite with a swim up pool on the top floor of the main entrance. Inside of the main hotel was a group of shops ,a spa, an arcade and finally my favourite the escape room! We had 1 hour to get out and on the last room we only took 1 minute to get through that final room and the man was amazed, it was the fasted any team had ever completed it! we weren’t so great on the other sections but still finished under the hour. Apparently only 40% complete all the tasks and escape. We were very proud.
    by SG

  2. baigent says:

    DB – My holiday I think has been my best summer yet because 3 weeks in I got the cutest dog in the world (Tilly the cockapoo).Tilly on the first two nights she wined and woke me up at 2:00AM. I was tired.

  3. lhmonkeys says:

    Comment by AH

    My favourite book that I have read in the holidays was the Bolds. It was about the Bolds, who were hyenas, but pretending to be humans. Their names were Bobby, Betty, Fred and Mary. They were out one day and Bobby broke his leg, so he had to pretend to be a dog to get in the vets and he got his leg bandaged. Then they went on holiday.
    They were also on holiday with Mr McNumpty who was a Grizzly Bear and Uncle Tony who was a rescue hyena. Mr McNumpty was also their neighbour. They were camping near a beach and Bobby got lost, and then they found out that a lady had kidnapped him, and done the same as she had done to Bobby to lots of other dogs as well. They went to find him and the lady was on a ship and they couldn’t get to it. To their relief, a school of dolphins came to get them on their backs, and they went over to her ship and got Bobby and all the other dogs.
    They then left the lady on a rock in the middle of the sea and she was never seen again. After, they continued to camp. A while later, all the other dogs returned to their homes and it didn’t happen to anyone else and the Bolds.
    Thank you for reading my book review.

  4. lhmonkeys says:

    Comment by LH
    My favourite day in the holidays was when we went to Brighton Sealife Centre. When we were there we went into the arcade (where the rockpools are) and we got to see all kinds of fish. But the best part in there was the rockpool where I got to touch a starfish. We had a behind the scenes tour where we saw what the animals ate, looked at all the baby animals and we got to touch a sharkskin! After the arcade, we went to look at the reptiles. My favourite were the turtles. When we went through the tunnel, a MASSIVE sea turtle went over our heads! To finish, we looked at all the crabs, which were big, but not as big as the turtle! My favourite sea animal will definitely, 100% always be the turtle.
    Thank you for reading!

  5. lsa1 says:

    BA – On the 1st of August, we moved house! It was really busy so few days later, we packed again and went to go and see an Auntie up in Yorkshire for a rest! When we got back, it was 11 days until my birthday! The day after my birthday, I had a Hyperspace Laser Tag party with 8 people. (It was my favourite thing of the holidays!) I got money, a slush maker and other cool things!

  6. monkjl says:

    Her present was a wooden box (which we had painted)filled with some things. These were: three little notebooks and some fine liner pens, a coaster with an ‘E’ on it. A personalised picture frame, another picture frame but this time my sister Izzy had made it and some other things. Mum had to go to work so about an hour before we left mum left. When the time came for me to get dropped off at the party, we all got in Grandad’s car and drove to town. When i got there most of the other people were there, these included: Poppy,Faith,Rhianna,Kitty,Tegan,Zara Ellie, Benni and me. Benni was the last to arrive. We had milkshakes and me and Ellie got the same; a smarties milkshake. Once we had finished them we had chocolate fondues: a white chocolate one and two milk chocolate ones. We dipped all sort of things in there like waffle, strawberries,banana and marshmellows. After that some people felt a bit queasy. After this we all went home. We had to go back to our house for a bit before going to mcdonalds and meeting Mum. When we had finished, Nanny and Grandad went home. Me, Dad,Mum and Izzy went back to our house. Mum was going to take me to a bat walk tonight so i got changed. It started at 8 so we left at quarter to. This was at Kearsney Abbey so it took us that long to get there. Iwas a bit upset wen mum said we could not have a walk around because it started in a minute. When we asked one of her co-workers though, they said it started a 9 so we could have a walk around. We walked all over the three parks and i saw some cool stuff. When we got back to the meeting place,there were lots of people there. We had to have a safety talk because we were walking round in the dark. When we got on our way, i saw loads of bats it was amazing.

    I really enjoyed my whole summer and i really liked this day because i got to meet up with all my friends.

  7. monkjl says:

    Hi E.M.J here,
    I am only going to do a quick summery of my favourite day because i have already emailed it to Miss Thomas.

    My favourite day of the holiday so far:

    On the first Saturday of the holidays, it was Ellies leaving party. I had decided not to buy her a present, so i made her one instead on the morning of her party. At about ten o clock, my Nanny and Grandad came down. We all sat in the lounge talking about stuff whilst me and mum made her present.

  8. K.C says:

    I surived a tornado was by JC

  9. K.C says:

    I survived a tornado!
    It was the penultimate day of my holiday in Italy. We awoke in the morning and collected some croissants for breakfast.

    As soon as I finish my croissant I jumped straight into blue empty pool. the ripples were massive as people jumped into the pool.

    suddenly, my dads hand swelled up so me my brother and my dad. rushed to the doctors .
    ***as soon as we came trees were across the road a man carrying a injured pigeon it was the worst in the world. we couldn’t get back : ambulances were queueing to get down our 80 foot pine trees were down on the wires. we had to wait for 5 hours till we could get back to our camp

  10. K.W says:

    My best day is when I went to centre parks.The things I did was segway,archery roller skating, bowling and swimming.It was exciting because we went into the woods and we rented bikes to get around the forest. The forest/woods was called Elveden

  11. kdennisod says:

    I’ve read about 5 books. I’m not sure if they are on Accelerated Reader though… They are called: The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and The Gender Game series by Bella Forest

    please could someone check these out as i don’t know how

    Yours Sincerely,
    K D-H

  12. kdennisod says:

    Sorry I wasn’t here for week 3, I was on holiday in mallorca with 10 other people!
    My favourite part was when we went to the water park! There were water slides and a jacuzzi. There was also a bridge and me and my cousin Liv kept saying “Who’s that walking on my bridge?” whenever someone walked on it. We even did it to a lifeguard! I’m really ecxited for when she comes down on wednesday!
    I’m in stitches with laughter whenever I remember the day at that park because I forced Mum to go on the slides with me! She screamed the whole way down and it was so funny that my cousin Will actually asked to see her come down! So we made her do it again!
    I’ll keep you guys posted and will definitely do week 5 describing.

    Yours Sincerely,
    K D-H

  13. dc07 says:

    My holiday so far!
    On the first week of the holidays, me, my mum, my dad and my brother went to Legoland . It was so amazing, I especially liked the Dragon rollercoaster and getting my driver’s licence .I also liked Drench towers and all the rides including water. We stayed in a hotel near Legoland and went inside Legoland resorts for two whole days. I liked Heartlake city’s ride the pony horse ride. I also liked pirate shores, I went on the Jolly rocker and the boat ride [ You get REALLY wet!!!] I’ve loved my holidays so far!!!!!
    By DC

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