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21 June
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Capacity Conversions:

Over the last week or so, we have been learning about measures. We’ve learnt to convert between different units of measure (for example, by converting distances in cm into m or converting litres into millilitres). We have also learnt approximate conversions between metric and imperial units of measure and how to work with these.

Today we used all of this knowledge to help us to make ‘Fantastically Fruity Juice Drinks’! First we had to convert the imperial units into metric units of measure. To do this, we needed to apply our mental and written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Furthermore, we needed to be able to work out fractions of amounts. We then had to scale the recipe down to make it ten times smaller. Finally, we had to work out what the total capacity was and check that we had accurately measured out all of our ingredients. (Which we all had, of course!)

We had great fun making our fruit drinks, and were able to demonstrate an excellent array of maths skills and our ability to solve problems.

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