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09 November
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A Visit from Barnardo’s

This term in year 5, our topic is ‘Pandemonium!’, which is based around the chaos caused by the Industrial Revolution in the Victorian era.

As a result of the move from farm work to factory work, huge numbers of people were forced to move into cities to look for work. They ended up living in cities that were not built to cope with so many people. Disease was rife and many children ended up orphaned.

This was true of Jim Jarvis, the main character in our class text ‘Street Child’. This is the story of how, upon meeting Jim Jarvis, Dr Thomas Barnardo was inspired to set up the well-known children’s charity, ‘Barnardo’s’.

What better way to open our topic than to have the charity in to visit us in school and tell us all about the charity, how it was set up and the work that it is now involved in! The children in year 5 found this talk extremely interesting and were able to ask some very insightful questions to deepen their understanding. Lucy and Juliette, our visitors even made comment that the Monkeys and Meerkats asked the best questions they’d ever been asked by primary school children before! Well done year 5!


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