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21 November

What is Science?

On Friday 17th November, Year Five took a trip to the Quarter-house in Folkestone, to hear from Brian Clegg, a writer and Scientist. He spoke about lots of weird and wonderful things, including what light is and how old we actually are (some of us 13.8 billion years!!).


02 November


On Tuesday afternoon, we set up our classrooms like a Victorian classroom; with chalkboards, an abacus, Dunce’s hat (Don’t worry, no-one was made to wear it!) and a variety of other props and stimulating primary resources.

The teachers and Mrs Matthews dressed up as Victorian teachers and delivered some Victorian style ‘rote learning’ for learning times tables and taught the Year 5 children how to write in the copper-plate handwriting style of these times.

We discussed what it would have been like for children in this historical period, after the monumental Education Act of 1870 was passed and revolutionised  schooling in this country.

The children were all very engaged and are now very enthusiastic to find out more… 

26 October

Shanghai Day – Term 1

The last Wednesday of Term One marked the first Geography Enrichment Day of the year; it was a truly memorable experience with all children showing great enthusiasm for the subject of ‘Earth Writing’ (Geo = Greek for ‘Earth’; Graph = Greek for ‘writing’).
Based around the most populated city in the world, the day focused on the Human and Physical Geography of Shanghai. A particular highlight has to be the whole school conducting morning stretches in unison, as well as standing to attention whilst the National Anthem played and the Union Flag was raised.
The custom of raising the flag and having school-wide stretches takes part in all Chinese schools, usually commencing at 7:30am!
Well done to all children for their continued enthusiasm for Geography! The next Geography Enrichment Day will be on 8th February 2018 based on the theme, ‘Who do you [Geographically] think you are?’
​I hope you are all looking forward to it,
Mr. Goodeal​
20 October


On Tuesday 18th October, Mrs. Nurmi (Ali’s mum) came in to talk to us for the second time

(last time she came was in Year 4) to share her own personal experiences of the Muslim Faith, which we have been studying this term in Year 5.

Mrs. Nurmi talked about the Rites and Rituals and how Muslims mark and celebrate these, which has been the focus of this term’s learning. In addition, she spoke about Mosques and how these are used for prayer and study. We learned about the Mosque in Ashford and her family’s own experiences in this local place of worship.

We would like to thank Mrs. Nurmi for giving her time to come and talk to us all, which was really informative and interesting.    

11 October
Comments Off on Home Connect Launch

Home Connect Launch


As part of our annual Book Week, we have today re-launched Home Connect for Years 2-6 (with Year 1 beginning to use Accelerated Reader as they year progresses), a superb and very powerful tool to help you to keep up to date with your child’s reading progress. By logging in, you can see all the books that your child has read, as well as their progress on quizzes that they have taken in school. You can even register your email address to receive emails each time your child completes a quiz, allowing you to celebrate this at home as much as we do in school. You can also register multiple addresses so that the whole family can stay informed.

Today, you will have received a letter with your child’s log-in details, and you can access the Home Connect website for our school through the link here, or through our school website.

Currently, we have email addresses registered for 119 pupils, with 31 students having logged in – let’s see if we can get that number higher!





11 October


Over the last two weeks, Year 5 and Year 6 have been having some inspiring workshops from Sammy and Charlie, the Knuckleball twins!

The Knuckleball Twins – Sammy and Charlie are a YouTube Football duo! They started their Channel back in 2012 and have built up a large following across social media. They have experienced unique opportunities working in the football world, such as featuring on TV, travelling the world and working with some of the world’s top footballers. They continue to thrive in every opportunity and work hard towards their dream. The Knuckleball Twins are proud to be Gold Ambassadors of The Shepway Sports Trust – They hope to share their amazing experiences with young people and inspire them to dream big and pursue the sports they enjoy. They also hope to make young people aware of the variety of options and opportunities out there, in which they can enjoy the sports they are involved in.

On Monday afternoon, it was the Geckos turn to experience the Knuckleball Twins own unique Football coaching session, after receiving a talk from the boys.

Here are a few photos of the Geckos in action:


11 October
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Oliver Twist

This week is BOOK WEEK, which began with a memorable production of OLIVER TWIST on Monday morning, by ‘M and M Theatre’ Productions Company, who come in every year to treat us to their own version of Children’s Classics.

In Year 5, we have based all our English learning on the story of ‘Oliver Twist’ this week and will continue to do so next week too. We are reading the abridged version of Charles Dickens’ moral tale, having now completed our study of ‘Stormbreaker’.

The children have also been planning and writing a Discussion text about ‘Was it acceptable for poor children to steal in Victorian times ?’. The children are  using their TW4 ( Talk for Writing) skills to write a Biography of Oliver Twist next week, recapping and revising some of the key skills learned in Year 4.


06 October
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Nimble Nets and Mission Movers

Year Five have been working hard at our Tennis skills. Last week we even had the nets out and were practicing hitting over the net at our partners and a race to rally!!

(More photos to follow with the next post)


In Gymnastics we have been working on our symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. We also looked at different balancing moves and how we can flow to put these all together. We are working on perfecting a set of movements so that we can become Mission Impossible Spies…

05 October


This year’s Harvest Festival took place again at St. Paul’s Church down the hill in Sandgate Village, yesterday morning, Thursday 5th October.

With two separate celebrations for KS1 and KS2, it was a really special community event, with especially wonderful singing this year, led by our local curate, Kate McNeice, who is a regular visitor and a much-valued contributor to our school.  The Theme this year was

A HARVEST OF OUR TALENTS :  ‘Recognising the gifts in ourselves and the gift in others’

This gave us all an excellent opportunity to really get to know our pupils and their talents at this early stage in the school year. In preparing the children for the Harvest celebration, we explored the question: ‘What are you good at?’

We looked at the way that everyone is good at something, whether it be in sporting talents, musical talents, cooking, art, being a kind and caring person, a good communicator, being someone that others can trust,  someone that makes others feel good about themselves, being a good listener and so on.

We also investigated some of the more unusual talents that children within our classes have.

Furthermore, we explored the importance of recognising the talents of each other. Sometimes it takes us time to recognise these and it is all about learning about who we are and our own development. Others may be particularly good at recognising these before we even know them for ourselves, as we grow up.

The way we use them and share them with others is important and part of our own moral set of values.

Values are a really important focus here at our school.

Down at the church, we shared what we had learnt and celebrated this through drama sketches, songs, poetry, artwork and some really touching short musical recitals (on a range of instruments, including the guitar, clarinet, trumpet, ocarina and piano).

It was a unique and very happy occasion.

We would like to reiterate our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Rigden, who accompanied the children’s singing on the pianoforte so masterfully, as well as Kate McNeice for leading the celebrations and making us so welcome AND all the parents who walked down to the church and back with the children!  

Mr G.J. Sharp (Harvest Festival Co-ordinator)


29 September
Comments Off on Our visit from a Famous Athlete…

Our visit from a Famous Athlete…

We had a visit from a famous athlete. He made us do his daily routine.

The activity’s we did were …

Spotty dog

Leg kicks

Push ups

And finally star jumps

We had so much fun!

His name is Ezekiel Ewulo, but we were allowed to call him Zeekes.

He is famous for being his amazing long jump ability.

Thank you for reading our blog.


Emily and Ambrose (Year Five Bloggers)

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