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22 March


Our new Sandgate Primary Art Exhibition Space is up in the main corridor, leading off from the School Reception area and it looks amazing already! The idea of the ‘space’ is to celebrate a range of the finished art that children have enjoyed taking part in around the school from Foundation stage to Year 6.  We will be regularly updating this area and displaying new new art work; including ceramics, sewing, sculpture, felt art, drawings, paintings, etchings  and other inspiring creations.

Each child whose 2D works have been chosen has written a little about the drawings and paintings they have produced, describing what inspired them, which artist influenced their work and what skills they were developing and so on. These descriptions have been typed up and are displayed next to each art work.

We know you will enjoy viewing these. With Parents’ evenings approaching, this is an ideal for time for you to enjoy viewing this sample of the wonderfully imaginative work the children have recently created. We congratulate the children whose works have been chosen for the first exhibition:

Isaac (Armadillos), Scarlett (Wolves), Niamh (Meerkats), Tom (Monkeys), Ryan  (Wolves), Ethan (Armadillos), Nyla (Giraffes),

Theo (Armadillos), Molly (Koalas), Eve (Kangaroos), Peter (Giraffes), Ali (Armadillos), Issi (Armadillos), Victoria (Rhinos),

Garrett (Rhinos), Elliot (Wolves), Alannah (Wolves), Praveen (Meerkats), Juliet (Monkeys), Amelia (Monkeys).

A couple of examples of what our resident artists have said about the inspirations for their art pieces:

‘I used shading, smudging and observation skills. I was inspired by WW2 and we used charcoal because of the black out.’(Isaac) 

‘It was really difficult to make a white piece of paper so dark, it took a lot of hard work.  It took a lot of patience to make my picture in the style used by Paul Nash.’  (Alannah)

16 March


Last Thursday, we were really lucky to have a return visit from two Scientists from the University of Kent – an Astrophysicist and a Chemist.

They delighted our Year 4, 5 and 6 children in a ‘Cool Physics’ show , put on in the Main Hall, which focused on all the wonderful things that can be done with Liquid Nitrogen- every schoolboy and girl’s dream! 

Here is a selection of the action in full flow. Who can you spot with their head in the clouds?! . . .

We would like to extend a special thank you to The University of Kent.


24 February
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Ghost Walk

To kick-start this term’s learning, Year 5 went on a ghost hunt around Folkestone. We visited places that had spooky back-stories and looked for ideas that we could use in our writing and we were equipped with our Magpie books to record these.
After this, we came back to school and wrote some ghost themed poetry. We then sat around our camp fire and performed our poetry to our peers. It was a brilliant start to the term!
Thank you to our parent helpers. 🙂

06 February


On Tuesday 31st January, we held our second of this year’s three Art Enrichment Days here at Sandgate Primary School.

The themes for this special day were ‘Journeys’, ‘Making a Change’ and ‘Humanity’, with a focus on the values we all share. We talked, as a Whole School, about the experiences of the journeys taken by refugees and migrants, who have fled their own countries due to conflicts happening there. The children gained a better understanding into the terminology of ‘refugee’, ‘migrant, ‘immigrant’ and ‘asylum’. These are terms that are used a lot in our World today and we felt it important that children understand what these mean.

We were very fortunate to have two fabulous visitors in our school to launch the project. We welcomed Alex Ntung, who had to leave his own country of Congo and, later, Rwanda and came to this country over 10 years ago as an asylum seeker himself and is now settled in the UK, working in education, careers guidance and international development. He was joined by Dr. Jonathan Barnes, a former Headteacher and Visiting Senior Research Fellow of Canterbury Christ Church University, who also visits many schools around the country to work together with schools on themes of values, the arts and global citizenship.

Alex and Jonathan led two very well-received Key Stage Assemblies on Tuesday, focusing on what is meant by ‘Umbuntu’ ( it means ‘Shared values and Humanity’ in Zulu and many African languages). They also led workshops across the school, including Djembe drumming and Watercolour Master-classes.

The children were immersed in Art related to the themes and much of this will be displayed in the Main Hall and Small Hall after the mid- term break.

Picture15 Picture16 Picture17 Picture18

11 January
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Viking Artefact Museum

To kick off our topic, ‘Viking Warriors’, we had a Viking Artefact Museum set up in our classroom. We had to use our questioning and reasoning skills to suggest what all of the artefacts could have been and how the Vikings would have used them. We also considered what we could infer about the Vikings from studying these artefacts.

viking2 viking3 viking4 vikings1

viking 5

Some of the items caused quite some confusion, especially this ‘lucet’. Can you guess what this was and how the Vikings used it?

09 January


On Monday 9th January, we celebrated  EPIPHANY, the ‘Feast of The Three Kings’ (which is actually on 6th January) and the end of the Christmas season at St. George’s Church, on the invitation of the Reverend Kate McNeice.

Kate usually comes into school every Thursday to lead assemblies and on this occasion we decided to hold our assembly at our nearest church, where Kate leads Sunday services. It was a great opportunity for the children to sing the Christmas carols they have been learning to the Whole school community, including many of our parents, in two separate Key Stage assemblies. The songs included ‘Go Tell it on the Mountain’, ‘We Three Kings’, ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’, ‘The Zither Carol’, ‘It was on a Starry Night’ and ‘Villancico de Gloria’( A Spanish Flamenco Christmas Carol). The children sang beautiful.

Thank you to all the parents who attended and also to Kate for leading the assembly and making us so welcome.








We always welcome visits and talks about the range of major world faiths that our children study within their R.E. curriculum. If you are able to come in and talk about your faith to a class, year group or larger group of children, we will be very happy to have you in school. Please contact Mr Sharp (R.E. leader) if you are interested.

20 December

Spanish Christmas Fiesta!

On Monday morning, we had a Spanish Flamenco Christmas Fiesta in Year 5.
We learned a popular Christmas Carol, called the VILLANCICO DE GLORIA, which tells the story of Mary & Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. We had so much fun and got truly into the spirit of ALEGRE and JALEO, the Andalucian way.

We really did ourselves proud, not only through learning and fluently singing three verses of the carol and choruses totally in Spanish with passion, but also we learned about the rhythms of PALMERAS (Hand clapping) and BAILE ( Flamenco dance steps). We even had a FLAMENCO DANCE OFF between boys and girls, led by Mr Sharp and Mrs Bean. We added percussion too; it was a beautiful thing. OLE !

DSC_0142 DSC_0144 DSC_0147 DSC_0148 DSC_0151 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0159 DSC_0164 DSC_0165


14 December
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More pictures!

14 December
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Mischief Managed!

The Year 5 team are so proud of the year group and the performances they have been putting on. Here are a few pictures from our show. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the parents for providing their children with such brilliant costumes, helping them to learn their lines and for coming to the performances to support them. The year group have thoroughly enjoyed preparing this play for you all and we will definitely miss it when it is all over!

09 November
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A Visit from Barnardo’s

This term in year 5, our topic is ‘Pandemonium!’, which is based around the chaos caused by the Industrial Revolution in the Victorian era.

As a result of the move from farm work to factory work, huge numbers of people were forced to move into cities to look for work. They ended up living in cities that were not built to cope with so many people. Disease was rife and many children ended up orphaned.

This was true of Jim Jarvis, the main character in our class text ‘Street Child’. This is the story of how, upon meeting Jim Jarvis, Dr Thomas Barnardo was inspired to set up the well-known children’s charity, ‘Barnardo’s’.

What better way to open our topic than to have the charity in to visit us in school and tell us all about the charity, how it was set up and the work that it is now involved in! The children in year 5 found this talk extremely interesting and were able to ask some very insightful questions to deepen their understanding. Lucy and Juliette, our visitors even made comment that the Monkeys and Meerkats asked the best questions they’d ever been asked by primary school children before! Well done year 5!



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