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02 July
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Geography Enrichment 3: Lunging for Litter!

Last week marked our 3rd Geography Enrichment of the academic year. Themed around the concept of looking after our environment and the shared responsibilities we all hold, Sandgate Primary School was ‘Lunging for Litter’ in order to do our part for the planet!

As well as Geocaching with other year groups (a fantastic and exciting way for children to demonstrate their Friendship values), we were lucky to have visiting speakers from ActionAid, Greenpeace and ‘Save the Bees’ throughout the week; each talk discussed a different aspect of doing our part to care for our environment, both locally and globally.

Thank you to all children for their continued enthusiasm to care for our home.

Keep on lunging,

Mr. Goodeal

28 June
Comments Off on Maths Competition – Sandgate v’s Great Chart

Maths Competition – Sandgate v’s Great Chart

Today some of Year Five and Six mathematicians took on Great Chart in a competition which consisted of mental arithmetic, times tables, reasoning and puzzle problems.

We came out of it the WINNERS!! With a fantastic result from our Times Tables scores.

Well done to all those that took part and to those that made posters and cheered their school friends along.


15 June
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Day 2 at The Port Lympne Residential

The second day is now over – it was a perfect day and the sun shone all day long. Plenty more talks from the knowledgable keepers, safari rides, a strenuous stroll through Port Lympne for the Geckos and tree top challenge fun for the Chipmunks at Howletts.
The Year 5’s experience at the Bear Lodge has come to an end, but the memories will last a lifetime. Here are the group photos of the whole of Year 5 after a hearty breakfast …


14 June


We have had a fantastic first day and are now settled into the Bear Lodge Safari camp. We have all fed the bears, had supper and the Quiz is just about to begin.
Here we all are earlier, in the Mongolian Grill on arrival and enjoying an early lunch.  Plus a few shots of the Geckos in action at the Treetop Challenge at Howletts this afternoon, following our talk at the Gorilla enclosure.
We will sleep well after all the energetic activities (here’s hoping!). More to follow tomorrow….


14 June
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Year five Port Lympne Day One

We arrived at our amazing huts in bear lodge. Then took the safari around the park and were surprised  by all of the animals we saw. We learnt a lot from our rangers Carl and Will.

We then got to see the gorilla and bear feeds!!

After dinner we took the quiz to see what we learnt during all of the talks and walks.


11 June
Comments Off on Titanic Day

Titanic Day

Today we dressed up as passengers on the Titanic. We could choose to be 1st, 2nd, 3rd class or members of the crew.

The day started with learning about the lifeboats, how big they were and how many people could actually fit on them.

We then took part in a Math lesson, all about the lifeboats and the passengers that could have been saved!

In the afternoon we had fun outside and then hot seated some of the characters that were on the ship – debating who we would save and why.

10 May
Comments Off on Our Music Performance at The Harvey Grammar School

Our Music Performance at The Harvey Grammar School

We took our Trumpets and Trombones down to the HGS to play all of the fantastic music we have been learning this year so far.

There were other schools there too, showcasing their instrumental skills – such as the drums, flutes and ukulele.

We really enjoyed the morning and it was fun to be able to play with other instruments. 



23 March
Comments Off on Run a Mile for Sport Relief

Run a Mile for Sport Relief

Year Five (including Miss Cable and Mr Sharp) all participated in the ‘run a mile for sport relief challenge’.

Not only did we raise money for charity, we all did really well to complete the track within the 20 minute time limit. An extra well done to Amber for raising a further £47 for Sport Relief.

Go Year Five.

16 March


A 4-day School week of varied and stimulating Science activities ended today, with a production by The Kinetic Theatre Company about Space this morning, as well as a group of boys from the Harvey Grammar School delivering a carousel of fun Science activities to our Year 5 pupils this afternoon.

The boys from Year 13, who are about to take their Science A levels this Summer had planned a range of activities designed to capture the imagination of the Geckos and Chipmunks. These included exploring sound waves, chromatography, exploring the pH scale and using their senses to identify mysterious objects.

A special thanks to the staff and pupils of the H.G.S for their hard work in preparing and delivering these excellent sessions, as well at to Miss Thomas (Science leader) for liaising with them to arrange them for us.

15 March
Comments Off on SCIENCE WEEK : VISIT FROM MRS. BURGESS : Tuesday 13th March 2018

SCIENCE WEEK : VISIT FROM MRS. BURGESS : Tuesday 13th March 2018

On Tuesday, Mrs. Burgess (Ethan’s mum) came into school to talk to the Geckos about her job as a Radiographer.

She showed us a range of X-rays of parts of the human anatomy; including the lungs, chest, ribs, knee and arm joints and pelvis (even an X-ray of a teddy).
She explained to us how an ultrasound works and showed us a baby’s ultrasound, as well as explaining a bit about MIR scan (showing us a brain X-ray scan).

Did you know you have to study for 3 years to be a Radiographer?  Once you have graduated, you normally specialise in a particular area.

Thanks to Mrs. Burgess for such an interesting talk and also for the skeleton pencils she gave us.

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